Earn money from your blog site through Social media page

Making money from your Facebook account is not a very tedious thing to do,it is infact, more cheap. Some steps need to be followed for you to have the enhanced advantages of your Facebook account.
Make posts that attract your readers: the basic of any successful plan to make money on social medias is the ability to make a good content. On Facebook, make streams of interesting links, images, and lots of updates on daily basis.
Ø  Search  for a niche [meaning, a specific area or subject which you are good in] and fill it with quality contents. It doesn’t matter if it’s a common niche, but it should be specific enough that it’s clear to the casual observer. For example, maybe you’ll post content for electronics & gadgets or books, etc. If your plan to market a product with your account, be sure to link the product directly to your posts.
Ø  Consider opening another Facebook account and keeping it separate from your main account. Use this account for your posts and link them to your main account to let others know about them. Depending on the approaches you use, you might even consider using multiple accounts. Note that Facebook won’t allow the use of multiple accounts with the same E-mail and/Phone number. you may even get to verify a new Facebook account through a code texted to your phone  to your phone.
Ø  Exercise patience: let your account build up interest over time by continual provision of quality contents every day.
Determine to Earn: work persistently, set a reasonable schedule and stick strongly to it. Organise whatever strategy you plan to pursue, you will probably have to take care of several things every day to make it work for you. Plan out the order and time you will do them in advance.
Ø  Saturate your market: making money on Facebook is more of a number game than anything else. Since marketing on Facebook will cost you nothing than your time and purpose. You can advertise as many time as possible even to an extent that would be prohibitively expensive any other way – and let the percentages and statistics grow one penny at a time.

Ø  Add more people to your account even if your don’t even know them before but care should be taking in doing this. Accept friend requests as you can and you should also add others but most may not accept your request.
MAKING MONEY THROUGH AN AFFILIATE PROGRAMS: affiliates provide you with a unique id and marketing materials and then pays you a commission based on how much business you generate. i.e number of unique visitors you bring into such company. You should try out a good affiliating website like BIDVERTISER, Amazon, Ebay and lots of them out there.
Ø  Most websites that you do visit provides an affiliate for anyone who which to partner an affiliation with them.
Ø  You should start with well-known brands like BIdvertiser, Amazon web affiliate and or Ebay.they all render a very competitive affiliate programs that pays as you invite new visitors that make a purchase as in Amazon and Ebay. Bidvertisers also pays reasonable.
Ø  Add in smaller programs though less likely to generate money on a given day, you can diversify and gradually increase your affiliate revenue by offering a wide range of advertising services to many different businesses.
SIGNUP WITH AN AFFILIATE PROGRAM LIKE BIDVERTISER/Domainking: once you have decided to market a company  as an affiliate, search the company’s site and fill out the required forms. Signing up is always free please do not pay for any site when to sign up.
Ø  Make a Facebook account for each affiliate programs you have signed up to. This allows people to follow your pages based on the things they are interested in, rather than having to sign up for one page full of all different kinds of ads.
Ø  As mentioned earlier, you can use your primary account to repost things from other accountsperiodically exposing those pages to the audience you have built.
Ø  How to promote your affiliate programs is by making a post each day and maintain your acconts fastidiously. With luck and a good central account and a lot of followers, your affiliate account will begin to get followers as well. Whenever someone clicks your posts, and buys something from one of your affiliates, you begin to earn your sweats.
CREATING A FACEBOOK FANPAGE: You can create a free website or blog related to your fanpage topics if you can afford everything.

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Ø  Create a free website s well  Ø  Add quality contents to websites and post on your facebook page each day in other to get new visitors to your site.
Ø  Add contents to make money and make sure your website is not a copied type and should be decent/free from any form of adult contents or vulgar things.
Ø  More contents should be added on either regular basis or even weekly just as am doing mine.
Ø  You can as well request to add google adsense to moneytize your website for you or any other best selling ad networks that you are interested in.
Ø  You can also attempt to sell your facebook fan pages posts.
Ø  Sign up with and make sure you have at least a 1000 post likes so that you can be approved and make sure that you own that page you are registering with them for maximum effect.
Can you now see that it’s just so easy to make money online with social medias?? Make sure you try yours Today. Goodluck,comment for your questions.

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